Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Alexander Vedernikov – Mikhail Glinka: Ruslan and Lyudmila (2003) High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz

Artist: Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Alexander Vedernikov
Title: Mikhail Glinka: Ruslan and Lyudmila
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2003
Duration: 03:23:10
Quality: High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz
Label: Pentatone

This is the Ruslan and Lyudmila we’ve been waiting for. The music flows. The singers are all excellent. The chorus is clear, the Bolshoi orchestra is fantastic. Performance-wise, there is little if anything that I would complain about. In multichannel, the orchestra, the chorus and soloists are in perfect balance. Virtually every detail of the orchestration is crystal clear, the different vocal timbres of the choir nicely separated, the soloists in good perspective, all the while harmony and balance between the assembled forces is maintained. The violins are bright, but always nice and warm. There is good separation between the various string voices. The brass instruments are the most spectacular: recorded with a true three-dimensional sonority. They are never two-dimensional, squeeky or congested. Percussion has just the right amount of bang and reverb. In other words, this thing sounds like a concert. I’ll go even further and say that it actually sounds better than a concert. This new critical version goes back to the original Glinka scores and attempts to recreate the opera as it was meant to be heard, rather than the version which has been played in the past century. A very special Thank You to Pentatone for releasing this. I’ve waited a long time to hear Ruslan and Lyudmila given the proper treatment. The result is worth the wait.


01 – Act 1 Overture
02 – No 1- Introduction-Dela davno minuvsikh dnei
03 – Est pustynnyi kraj
04 – No. 2- Lyudmila’s Cavatina- Grustno mne, roditel dorogoi
05 – No. 3- Finale- Chada rodimye
06 – Chto sluchilos
07 – No. 4- Entr’acte
08 – No. 5- Finn’s Ballad- Dobro pozhalovat, moi syn
09 – No. 6- Duet of Finn and Ruslan
10 – No. 7- Scene and Farlaf’s Rondo
11 – Rondo- Blizok uz chas torzhestva moego
12 – No. 8- Ruslan’s aria- O pole, pole
13 – Dai, Perun, bulatnyi mech
14 – No. 9- Scene with the Head
15 – No. 10- Finale- The Tale of the Head
16 – Act 3- No. 11- Entr’acte
17 – No. 12- Persian Chrous- Lozhitsya v pole mrak
18 – Gorislava’s Scene and Cavatina- Kakie sladostnye
19 – No. 14- Ratmir’s Aria- I zhar, i znoi smenila nochi ten
20 – No. 15- Dances
21 – No. 16- Finale- O moi Ratmir!
22 – Vityazi Kovarnaya Naina
23 – No. 17- Entr’acte
24 – No. 18- Lyudmila’s Scene and Aria
25 – Akh ty dolya, dolushka
26 – No 19- March of Chernomor
27 – No. 20- Oriental Dances- a-Turkish Dance (Allegretto)
28 – b- Arabian Dance (allegro con spirito)
29 – c- Lesginka (Caucasian Dance)
30 – No. 21- Chorus- Pogibnet, nezhannyij prishlets
31 – No. 22- Finale- Pobeda, pobeda, Lyudmila
32 – No. 23- Entr’acte
33 – No. 24- Ratmir’s Romance
34 – No. 25- Recitative and Chorus- Vsyo tikho
35 – No. 26- Duet of Ratmir and Finn
36 – No. 27- Finale- Akh ty svet,- Luydmila
37 – Kogo nam bogi shlyut
38 – Slava velikim bogam